Big Inflatable Water Slides

Summer is coming and the weather will start to get hot which means you will consider to choose a Big Inflatables Water Slides for your clients to cool your outside parties! Pls don’t worry, Sale Inflatable provide a big selection of water slides for your family vacations, picnics… Check out our top three awesome new water slides for 2018!

26FT Monster Wave Slip N Slide

Experience the excitement of the Monster Wave Slip N Slide. It a has a double drop, allowing participants to Climb up 26′ feet to reach to the Top and then enjoy a breathtaking view before going through the slip and slide into a pool. Take the ride NOW!

Hurricane Slide With Pool

This giant 27’ Hurricane with Pool will bring a HURRICAN to your inflatable rental business and your parties. It is the most intense inflatable water slide ever made. It will keep the players busy for several hours. It starts off by climbing the ladder to the top, taking a seat, then pushing off and immediately propel into a turn toward the straight, away through the tunnel, making a 90° turn into the second tunnel and finally making yet another 90° turn before splashing into the pool.

It is a sure success for Water Park, Summer Camps and School or Church Carnivals!

The Twister With Curve Water Slide

Our new super 40′ high dual lane The Twister With Curve Water Slide will blow your mind! It’s taller and faster than ever before! This awesome water slide includes the detachable Twist pool and straight Run N’ Splash. The Run N’ Splash delivers a ton of speed while the Twist features a banked wall that helps riders scream around it. It will definitely get an adrenaline hit for everyone who has a turn at your party in summer!

Inflatable Slide for Pool

What could be better than a water slide to cool offer that hot summer party? A Inflatables Slide for your swimming pool is sure to add hours of fun for both kids and adults! All of the Inflatables Water Slides from Sale Inflatable are commercial grade made from the highest quality materials. Our goal is to satisfy all the needs of our customers, and offering them dependability and quality at an affordable price. Here are the TOP 3 Slides suitable for the pool and liked by our customers:

Typhoon Water Slide
The Typhoon Water slide is an old time favorite and will keep your guests cool while providing hours of fun. It is a 26 Ft Dual Lane Slide that is combined with a Slip & Slide with Pool! It can be made into three detachable parts. You can use the slide beside the pool, or combine any of the 2 or 3 parts as a new one to use. It’s all depending on your requirement.

20FT Inflatable Tiki Falls Slide
The Tiki Falls water slide is perfect for any Luau, Hawaiian, Tropical themed events! Kids climb to the top of the water falls, avoiding the Tiki Gods along the way & ride the waves down to the pond where hungry alligators await. The 20FT Inflatable Tiki Falls Slide will bring endless fun to kids and be the hit of your event!

Giant Aqua Inflatable Water Park
The Giant Aqua Inflatable Water Park is definitely a great piece for those hot summer events! Both the kids and adults can swim in the big water pool and play the equipped water games in pool like water ball,water roller, sea balls… It is very popular during summer for all people who like water sports leisure; it is the hottest inflatable product for the rental business to make profit in summer!

How to properly use your water slide inflatable

Water Slide Inflatable are heaps of fun during the summer days! They provide semi-portable fun whenever you’re looking to get wet on a hot day and they can be used in backyards, schools…almost all the occasions. When using a water slide inflatable, there are many reasons that you didn’t recognized that brings the damages.

Here are some tips on how to use them to keep them in good condition.

1. Take care when moving your water slide. When you move your slide form one place to another place, you will need to choose a pickpocket tool like a trailer, automatic make the loading and handling more easier since most damages occur in moving and delivery.

2. Follow the warning and Tips. Before allowing the player gong into the water slide, not only the owner of the slide, but also the players should read the warning and tips on the front of the slide(that made by the manufacture): Remove shoes, eyeglass, jewelry…No sharp objects, food, pets…You should know these rules and knowledge to avoid the damages and danger occurring

3. Cleaning and Drying Water Slide. Every time after using the water slide, you need to remember to remove the misting system, check the objects left in the slide, and rinse off any large areas that are covered with grass, mud, or sand. Make it as clean as you can. You also need to keep the blower working and open the zipper, push down the on the pool wall so it can drain while the slide is still inflated to make sure the inside structure completely dry as well.

4. Store a deflated water slide. When you get your slide packaged well, you need to put it in a clean and dry place so that it can be in good conditions for your next party or business season.

How To Choose An Inflatable Slides

Looking for Inflatable Slides? Inflatable Slides are Huge in the Commercial Inflatable Party Rental Business, backyard parties…There are dozens of slides available in the market, and it will take a lot of your time and energy to choose a perfect slide. Here are some factors that you should consider about:

1) Available Space:

First you should consider about is the estimated measurement of the your space intended for the slide. There are slides coming in many sizes, the slides must be suitable for your space.

2) Weather:

You should choose a suitable slide depending on the weather: hot, cold or warm. Then you can choose which type of slide you can use, dry slide, water slide or others?

3) Age of players:

Different slides are fit for ages of players. Small and lower slides are perfect for kids aged 4-10. Huge and high slides are good for adults.

4) Price:

Choosing a slide with a very affordable price is important since you didn’t just get your money anywhere. You need to look for more and be vigilant in buying.

Also there are many other factors you may consider, like the functions of the slides, themes, materials…all these factors will help you make the perfect choice. Sale Inflatable has a great selection of inflatable slides, wet or dry, pool slide, slip n slides and much more at quite an affordable price for all occasions, so you can be assured to choose a perfect slide to make your guests enjoy a clean, safe and fun experience.

Commercial Moonwalks For Sale

Sale Inflatables offers commercial grade inflatable moonwalks with largest selections!

Our commercial moonwalks are of highest quality in the market. They are designed and tested by our expert customers before they come in the market! And our professional team has decades of experience.

Our inflatables are perfect for rental business, company events, backyard parties… We’ve helped countless customers take their business to a higher level. If you’re looking anything from an inflatable moonwalk, jumper, bounce house…just visit our website: We have something you like:

Moonwalk For Sale

Looking for a moonwalk that suitable for your backyard parties?

The moonwalk is an inflatable structure made of PVC material that is filled with air. It is given name depending on the region that you reside in. In America, people call it jumpers, spacewalk, inflatable trampoline..In Australia it is always named of jumping castles.

Now days the moonwalk is presented in a variety of newly designs. It is not just a jumping area. There are different themes, functions, colors depending on your requirements for your party.

No matter what name it is and what shape it comes to our eyes, it is considered the must choice for a party. Sale Inflatable offers a large range of moonwalks in every possible shape, size and colors with incredibly prices. If you haven’t made a choice, visit our website, I guarantee you will get what you want:

Reviews of East Inflatables

Top 4 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Inflatables! First class QUALITY, competitive PRICE, short LEAD TIME and excellent SERVICE!

Have somebody bought East Inflatables products come in a message chat, talk and review about your happy or painful experience, let us all know more.

Written from Sale Inflatable

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